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October 27, 2020

Vacationing in Loreto Bay, Mexico!

If you’re looking for a place without vendors on the beach and a loud, Loreto is that place. The food is as authentic as it gets and the people are mostly locals. The calm waters are perfect for paddle boarding, fishing, and snorkeling.

Vacationing in Loreto will save you in the long-run. Boutique hotels and rentals are very affordable (between $50-$200) and larger hotels and resorts run in the  $200s. With direct flights from major U.S. and Canadian cities, getting here is a cinch. Dining in Loreto is also extremely affordable in comparison to North American prices.

Thinking of renting a property in Loreto Bay? Now is the time to rent in Loreto, Mexico. Momentum Luxury Rentals is part of Momentum Realty Loreto Bay Company, focusing on selecting the potential luxury accommodations in Loreto, Mexico. Our Loreto vacation rental team ensures that we deliver an outstanding experience every time, we are passionate about what we do here and accept nothing less than the best. It is a pleasure to customize your experiences with our concierge service, rental accommodation, and our additional services.

About Loreto Bay.

Loreto Bay is a community-driven neighborhood and Home Owners Association, with barbecue areas, a community pool, and planned activities. The village of Loreto Bay boasts charming walkable streets, lush landscaping, natural open spaces, and access to outdoor activities like snorkeling, hiking, charter fishing, off-roading, or simply laying out a blanket for a picnic.

Charging my next vacation!
Loreto, Mexico! 100%
Excellent local food!
Local Restaurants! 100%
Awesome beaches!
National Marine Park! 100%

If you’re thinking about visiting Loreto, Mexico the weather is something to take into consideration. In Loreto, the summers can get quite hot, with temperatures reaching the high 90s with high humidity. However, the winters are comfortable; and it is dry and partly cloudy year-round. 

Visit Loreto!, We would love to help you rent the house of your dreams and have the best possible rewarding experience in Loreto, Baja Sur. 

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