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The rental program started because in Momentum Realty we noticed the growing demand for rooms in Loreto, Mexico, families and friends looking for a family atmosphere and wide spaces to enjoy.

Specifically ,in Loreto, there are a number of houses available to offer visitors an unforgettable and unique experience.

Our program not only seeks to give rewarding experiences to visitors, but also  provides quality service, warmth and care for homeowners interested in being part of this program.

The benefits that we offer you are many, among which we guarantee you as the owner of the residence.  We  will work according to Mexican law and  will take care of covering taxes for you and protect your assets. In addition, we will help you to not only enjoy your home during your stay, however we will also help you generate income that will allow you to pay for services such as electricity, water bill, property management. Why not, generate an income that allows you to make improvements to your home in Loreto, Mexico.

Our goal is to make everything easy and simple for you!


Please provide us with the following information,  and we will customize a specific rental plan for you!.