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The rental program at Cordelia Rentals was established in response to the increasing demand for accommodations in Loreto, Mexico. Families and groups of friends are seeking a comfortable and spacious environment to enjoy their time together.

In Loreto, there are numerous houses available that can provide visitors with an unforgettable and unique experience. Our program aims to not only offer rewarding experiences to our guests but also provide homeowners with quality service, warmth, and care when they become part of our program.

As a homeowner, you will enjoy several benefits when joining our rental program. Firstly, we will work in accordance with Mexican law and handle the necessary tax obligations on your behalf, ensuring that your assets are protected. Additionally, we will assist you in generating income from your residence, allowing you to cover expenses such as electricity, water bills, and property management. It’s an excellent opportunity to not only enjoy your home during your stay but also make improvements to your property in Loreto, Mexico through the additional income.

By partnering with Cordelia Resort & Spa, you can confidently entrust the management of your property, while maximizing its potential and seizing the opportunity to generate income. We prioritize your satisfaction as a homeowner, providing exceptional service and ensuring that your property is well-maintained and profitable.

Our goal is to make everything easy and simple for you!

Please provide us with the following information,  and we will customize a specific rental plan for you!.