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June 1, 2023

Ocotillo Restaurant by Cordelia Resort & Spa.

Introducing the latest gem in the vibrant Cordelia Resort & Spa – Ocotillo Restaurant. This exquisite establishment showcases a remarkable fusion of Baja Sur-Mexican cuisine, unlike anything you’ll find in Nopolo. Prepare to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the very best flavors, aromas, textures, and ingredients from the cherished traditions of Loreto Baja California Sur and Mexico regions.

At Ocotillo, we take immense pride in offering a truly unique dining experience. Our menu boasts an impressive selection of dishes meticulously crafted to deliver a harmonious blend of culinary excellence. Every bite will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to the heart of Mexican gastronomy.

To further enhance your dining pleasure, we have curated an exceptional wine collection featuring renowned labels from Mexico’s most esteemed wine houses. Discover the rich and diverse wines from Valle de Guadalupe, Guanajuato, and Queretaro, or indulge in our very own Cordelia assembly house wine, exclusively produced for us. Each sip is a testament to our commitment to providing a complete sensory experience.

Step into Ocotillo and be greeted by an inviting ambiance, where warmth and hospitality are our utmost priorities. Relax, unwind, and allow us to cater to your every need as you savor the flavors of Mexico. To ensure a truly memorable dining experience, we encourage you to make a reservation. Contact our dedicated concierge service. Provide us with your preferred date and time, and our attentive team will reserve a table specifically for you, ensuring your evening is nothing short of perfection.

So, don’t hesitate. Gather your loved ones, gather your friends, and join us at Ocotillo Restaurant. Let us serve you with love and passion, as we create a remarkable culinary adventure that will leave a lasting imprint on your taste buds and memories alike.


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